Monday, January 24, 2011

Brand Spankin' New...(Year)

What is it about a new year that is so refreshing? 
It comes in like new falling snow. A white, clean blanket of freshness, just waiting for our footprints. 
It's a time for reflection, organization, change, perhaps regret, and gratefulness. 
It's a time to see how far you've come or haven't at all. 

It's a time to re-think your strategy and make a plan of attack. 
Take inventory on what works in your life and what does not.  
Make change and be the change you want to see.

I read a quote once and I'm paraphrasing here 
'this time next year, you're going to wish you had.'

Hmmm...interesting. Thought provoking.
Who hasn't been there?

The room you wanted to paint, the closet you meant to clean out, 
the vacation you wanted to take, the time you needed for yourself.
Goals, plans, schedules... and my favorite, organization.

So, with the holidays past us and the cold weather to slow us down a bit - 
I have begun the new year with zest. Great word right?
 Okay, it wasn't as 'zesty' as I would have liked, but I'm working on it. 

office organized - check
new blog design - check
facebook make over - in the works
new computer to speed up editing - check
simplify - in the works
frames I want to fill - in the works
diet - check, the works ; )
exercise - ummm where is that zest when you need it?

Those are a few of the things I want/wanted to accomplish this year.
 It's amazing when you write out your goals and think about them,
   you're much more likely to get them done.
 The things I mentioned above, have been on my mind for sometime - 
but in the last three weeks I have finished half of them. 
I think that's a pretty great start!

Now...where did I hide that box of cookies? 
I digress... ; ) 

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