Monday, January 3, 2011

'Leap' of faith - Kings Park Bluff

The first two minutes of meeting...

"Hi, I'm Stacey...would you mind jumping 10 feet off of the bottom of those steps so we can take a picture over there"? 
Ummm, yeah...kinda awkward.

Okay, I kid, it wasn't 10 feet, but it wasn't a few inches either. I cringed a little asking - especially since it was within the first five minutes of meeting. Without batting an eye they obliged. I swear I have the best clients ever. They took a 'leap' of faith for me - and I had yet to give them a reason to yet.
They trusted me.

Mom had wanted one thing for Christmas...a family portrait. 
So with her grown children home for the holidays, she had persuaded them (I'm sure money was involved ; ) to spend an afternoon with me.

During the session they were polite and well mannered and not just to me but to each other
Which is not always the case. 
They were kind. Really.
Compassionate - each of them. 

So at one point they were all gathered together and I mentioned just that. 
'You guys are a pretty loving family, its so nice to see'. 
Without skipping a beat, James (their son) said, 'you should have seen us an hour ago'.

Mom quickly buried her head in Dad's chest, and Dad and his sister threw their heads back in laughter. 
Their secret was out.

We all laughed, but truth be told - who hasn't been there? 
Mom confided and said no one wanted to wear the shirts.  
She told me she told them they didn't have a choice and they could throw them out after the shoot...but they were wearing them. Love her! 
Where is that darn 'leap of faith, when you need it'?!
Coordinating outfits is tricky but especially when the subjects are old enough to talk back. ; ) 
It should go without saying...Mom won. 
Don't they always?!  : ) 

So, in life there are a certain number of people who 'get it'. 
If you're lucky enough to bond with your siblings - they are one of 'those' people. 
They share the same childhood, environment, memories, and stories - have seen you at your best and your worst and love you just the same. I love seeing a common thread shared between two people...

now, see...they actually made coordinating outfits look cool

a total 'out-take' 
but it's just evidence that grown kids really do think their parents are funny -
even though they might not show it sometimes...

Big brother and little sis...

Ms. Annnnna - gorgeous dahhhling!
Mom had it right, 'gorgeous inside and out'. 

James looking 
and I do have to say he's a totally charmer...

and last but not the whole fam...

Hope. Faith. Trust.

They are words we hear all to often and yet we are usually to cynical to take them for full face value. 

Not this family.
Hudson family, thank you for 'hoping' that I could create a family portrait for you - for having 'faith' in taking the 'leap' ; ) and for 'trusting' me. I can't tell you how much it helps to bring the vision full circle. 

Thank you for spending the afternoon with me and for your gracious company.

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Lara said...

and truly a beautiful FAMILY!

Kim said...

The kids look like Gap models and there's so much and Jim raised two beautiful kids...what a lovely family - you are blessed. And tell Jamie not to throw the sweater out - it looks good on him!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Anna, you are so beautiful! And Jame is so handsome! You guys are all a great looking family! The pictures are beautiful! Can't wait to see more!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day, with a wonderful family! Did I mention that the pic's are fantastic! As always.....I'm always looking for your next shoot on facebook, I just love your work.

Love ya, Chrissie

Heather Sweetser said...

i love my extended family. you all look amazing. love you all so much. xox thanks for a wonderful christmas!

Barbara said...

Beautiful family in an absolutely beautiful group of photos....