Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin' 2010

We were not even in the car for ten minutes when baby number three starts to scream his head off. 
Baby number two has taken off her socks and her shoes and is asking for her bottle. 
Over. And OVER again. 
Child number one, well I'm sure you can guess, has to go to the bathroom.
Did I tell you we just left the house?

I pat Dan's leg and say, 'isn't this fun'?

The pumpkin patch was over an hour away. 
It was turning to dusk and all we keep hearing was 'I have to go to the bathroom reeeeally bad' switched up every so often with 'Daddy, are we there yet?' 

Trying to find the humor in the whole situation when after the tenth time of my daughter asking, 
Dan retorts with 'Hey, we are going to try something new this year...pumpkin picking in the dark.' 
I laughed. 
She cried. 

The entire car is now screaming in unison. 
Could the moment be any more perfect?

Giving in - 
I saw a tiny stand on the side of the road and told him we are just going to go here. It was a farm stand practically and although disappointed I needed to save our sanity for the long ride home.

The kids were wearing cute matching sweaters and I wanted just ONE picture of all of them. 
Yes, I was indeed asking for the moon.

I threw them all into the wagon so they couldnt move and said look here. 
Hey, over here. 
My daughter is making faces because she has to pee, my 1.5 yr. old is climbing out and my son wants to know what the deal is with the pumpkins on his lap. 

My husband was like, 'did you get any good ones, let me see, let me see'. 
It had been a whole ummm ten seconds and I was wrangling the kids in the entire time. 

I stare him down and he shrugged his shoulders with, 'well you're the photographer'. 

Yes darling, but not a miracle worker!!! 

So I took about ten minutes of pictures and knew that it just wasn't going to happen. 
So I put down the camera and enjoyed the moment for what it was...all mine.

I told you she had to pee...

The only reason why she is attempting to make eye contact, was because I tripped over a pumpkin and it began to roll down the hill.
 I think she was secretly wishing it was me and my silly camera.
The kid actually looks amused!

I have no idea where child number two is at this point. 
Thank goodness for the husband!

Thank goodness he's cute. 

This is the closest I got to getting almost everyone in the shot.
Do you think I can send this out as my Christmas card this year?  ; ) 

The moral of the story?
It is almost damn near impossible to take pictures of your own kids. 
(Well without some valium or a nice glass of wine ; ) 

Hey, if any photographer's are reading this in my area, can I schedule a session with you?
I have a ton to offer...three screaming kids and two crazy parents to photograph? 
Sounds like a disaster great idea, right? : )


Anonymous said...

Sooooo sweet! Anderson is just a little doll! LOVE HIM!

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You should be a writer on the side of property management and photography. Everytime I read your stuff I cry tears of joy or laugh so hard I cry. Beautiful pictures as always.

Jennifer said...

I'll meet you half way! I'll take your screaming kids and their crazy parents....you can take my screamin' twin girls and three very apathetic and disinterested teenage boys. Afterward, we'll leave all the kids with the daddies and we'll laugh about it all over a glass...no BOTTLE of wine.

I love your pics! They are fabulous and DEFINITELY Christmas card worthy! Your little ones are beautiful!

p.s. Do you get a free gift if you get 25 comments? :)

Pat M. said...

Great pictures and story. You make me laugh (and I need it after coming home from teaching a class of hyper kids.) Your kids are all adorable, but the one of your son in the green cart is my favorite.