Monday, November 1, 2010

Jessica's Sweet 16 - Sunset Harbor

I almost forgot what it was like. 

I heard the girls before I saw them. The excited, happy anticipation of their chatter. 
They walked in a huddle, as if they were kinda in a walking hug. 
The half laughed and half talked with every sentence, and I think the phrase of the night was 
'Ohhh Yeahhh'...but kind of in a funny-ish accent.

The excitement was tangible.  
The preperation, the details, the endless hours spent searching for the right dress was about to finally pay off. 

It was Halloween night and Jessica was about to celebrate her sweet 16 in style.
Lavish white feathers sprung up from elegant tall vases, and "up" lights were placed in a dramatic fashion around the edge of the room in her choice of color that night of red. 

Pumpkins fill the tables, the DJ's were in costume, and the candy apples were perched ready to give to the trick or treaters that tonight were called 'guests'.

When I got home last night, I tiptoed into my own daughters room to tuck her in. 
She opened her sleepy eyes and asked me how work was (which was pretty cute coming from a five year old). I told her it was quite wonderful, because tonight I worked with a beeeeeautiful princess. 

She sat up with a startled look on her face. 
"You're joking me Mama", she said. 
So I told her all about the magical night, and what was a story, a mere fairytale to my daughter, 
was a day in the life of one lucky girl...Jessica. 

I showed her some of the pictures from the evening and her eyes flew open wide. 
She stared in disbelief at each image and ooohh'd and ahhh'd over each and every detail.  
Then as I turned out the lights and wished her sweet dreams, she whispered, 
"can I please be Princess Jessica next Halloween?"

Without further ado, please meet the divine Ms. Jessica...

Now, this next shot might not be for everybody. 
It's hazy and has the sun flare going on in it. 
But I would be re-miss not to include one of them since it seems to be my 'thing' lately. 
I think it has a magical appeal to it. 
Kind of fairytale-ish...
Your thoughts?

Red is the new black?! 
Well, as far as shoes.
It seems to be the case at the last few events I attended.

Some detail shots...

Dad contributed a work of art to hold the 16 candles...
and to the left is the gorgeous sweet fluff of one of the centerpieces.

It's all in the details....

So I'm thinking, I soooo wanta be Princess Jessica next Halloween too... ; )


Jessica, I loved your demeanor, your calm and totally fab glamorous side. 
There is certainly more to being a princess then just a pretty ball gown, and you my darling had 'it'.

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your happy day, especially if only to remind me that life is meant to be celebrated. Each day, a precious gift. 
Celebrate it small, celebrate it big.
 Or hell just celebrate, for the heck of it.

A special thanks to the Pitocco family who referred me for this party. 
As always, your referrals are the biggest form of a compliment. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping me in mind!

So folks, if you want to help Jess get a complimentary gift from Show and Tell, please take a quick moment to leave a comment right below. If she get's 20's her's!

Have a peek at the slideshow below!


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous!! ... if I show my girls, they'll want to be Princess Jessica, too.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

Anna said...

I loved the pic with the sun coming in. Pretty perfect if you ask me :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! Awesome dress! Looking at these pic's just makes me smile and remember, way, way, back then when everything was just starting, Always, awesome job Stacey!

Hugs and Kisses,

nicole said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Jess you looked amazing. What a fabulous party!!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

marg said...

Beautiful photos of Princess Jessica

Anonymous said...

Jessica is all grown up!

Margaret said...

I love the masquerade theme! Photos are great . Jess looks fabulous

florida gal said...

The party was like a fairy tale. Jessica was beautiful!

brianne said...

gorgeous jesss <3

Lucy said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous jess!:)

ocdmaggie said...

The photos of Jess are magnificent!
I will have to use Stacey for my daughter's sweet sixteen.

captain fantastic said...

I want to marry this girl!

Anonymous said...

The photos belong on the cover of a Romance Novel! Beautiful, sophisticaed, sweet. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

soooo pretty<333

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of a beautiful daughter. Love Dad

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thanks everyone for helping Jessica reach 20 comments! It was so great to read all of your comments. Thank you for taking a minute to stop by and have a peek. Jessica will now be getting a complimentary gift, yay!

Anonymous said...

jess mott your b e a utifull <3
lovee ya babbbbeeee

Anonymous said...

damn jess really good pictures

Anonymous said...

From the day she was born I always knew Jessica was a princess both inside and out!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous. jess you look so prettty!!!