Monday, November 1, 2010

The Doukas Family

We met when I was 15. 
We spend endless hours gossiping on the phone about the boys we were dating or wanted to date, and planning out our outfits weeks in advance.We happily drove around in circles with nothing more then some good music and each others company. 
We would laugh. 
A lot. 

I was there the night she met her husband at 19, and then again by her side as her maid of honor. 
When they were blessed with their first daughter, they blessed me as well by giving me the honor of being her 'Godmother'.  

Time goes fast, life gets busy. It has a way of moving on. 
A few days of not talking, eventually turn into weeks and sometimes months. 
Priorities change, more children are born and suddenly there are five kids between you both. 
Our childrens lives now have somehow become our own.

We still talk, but our conversations have changed. 
We talk now about pediatricians, school, and how we wish we could fit in an extra hour in our day somewhere.

It has almost been 20 years since we first met. 
 Although time has passed, as soon as we pick up the phone it's as if we are back in that car, listening to that music and still laughing...a lot. 

Introducing my dear friends...the Doukas family....

My sweet, sweet god-child...

Looks like he's up to something, right? But, he is just as sweet as his sister...

All because two people fell in love...
(thanks JoAnn for that title ; )

Im going to call this my out of box shot (again for all of my loyal readers). Although it's not terribly different, it isn't the 'normal' straight on (face front) portrait. I have been a little crazy over the back lit shots lately. Just in case you haven't noticed! : ) 

I love the natural look to this picture. 
It just fits how I have always looked at her. 
Even when she is glamed up, she has a very natural beauty. 
I think this image highlights that.

This next image of Dad and the kids was funny. As we went to take the shot, one leaf drifted slowly down from a tree and landed right in the middle of the frame. 
That little leaf brought some big smiles.

Doesn't the background almost look fake? 
We hit prime time foliage in this location. I was in love. 
I think the kids look just like the walked out of the Gymboree ad in this next shot!

I think there is anything better then seeing a kid having fun. 
These next two shots sum that up for me!

The thing that is so special about kids is that they know how to enjoy the little moments...

I loove interaction in family shots. Okay, they are not your traditional pictures...but man, they are so real life.

I had such a great time with you all. 
Thanks for meeting me so early to get those lovely back lit shots.
Can't wait to show you all the rest!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, Christine! you guys look so great! What awesome pictures (as usual, Stacey). Love the last one the most! Beautiful family. XOXO