Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My muse, my friend...my sister - Autumn + Frank Vanderbilt Estate Wedding

I think I was ten when Mom would tuck me in at night and talk about you. 
You weren't even born yet but Mom would point to the other side of my room and say 
' pretty soon you're going to have a little sister sleeping there'.

 She would describe you in detail.
The color of your hair, your tiny hands and feet and the shape of your eyes.
It was a ritual for us. 

Then one day the mail came and you were there.
Kinda like when the stork comes and drops the baby off.
 Okay, it really wasn't like that, but it felt that way.

Mom carried you around everywhere...your picture that is.
There you were, all six pounds of you with dark black hair and beautiful slanted eyes 
(just like Mom had told me). 

I didn't know you.
You were a thousand miles away and yet you were already my sister.

Being ten years apart, Im sure at times I was more like a mother figure then a sister. 
Actually I'm sure of it. 
And just because I was a pain in the ass and acted like I knew better ( I did ; ) and *clears throat* still do ; ) - does not mean that I loved you less. 
In fact, I loved you more.
I wanted what was right for you. Wanted the best for you.

I know you didn't grow beneath Mom's heart, but we know for sure that you grew in it.

As with all of us, you were in our hearts before we even met you. 
We were given a gift so great, that no words can be placed on what your birth mother did for us.
We loved you, talked about you and waited with anticipation for your arrival. 
You made me a big sister and you gave Michael a little sister.
You gave Mom and Dad a miracle.  
You completed our family tree. 

You're kind, beautiful, smart, and generous. 
You look great with or without make-up. 
You make me laugh. Hmmm, although sometimes at you, not with you. ; )
But that just goes with the terroritory of our family. 

On your wedding day, when I watched you walk down the aisle to your future, I thought how lucky we all are. How blessed. How fortunate.
How complete.

Your day was nothing short of magical. The weather was picture perfect (pun intended ; ), the foliage breathtaking, the venue...magnificent. The sunset was the most amazing one I have ever seen, just
as if God painted it just for the two of you.

Frank, it's wonderful seeing how close you are with your family. I love it. I love all of your family traditions. I love the way you speak so kindly about each person in your family. Your loyalty and love is evident for them. Autumn is lucky to have found someone who is so family devoted and passionate about keeping their family so close.
Family is everything.

Thank you for making my sister so happy.
I love you both!

And so it goes...your story, your moments, your life :

This thing fit her like a glove...just wait until you see her.

Gettin' her 'pretty' on. 
Not that she needs even a stitch of it!

The tee says it all, don't you think?

"Follow the yellow brick road"...or is it aisle runner?

The bouquet...

Love. It. 

Some love for the bridesmaids. 
No divas here. Just sweet, kind headless girls. lol 
I just liked the line up of the flowers...don't worry I have their heads somewhere ; )

One of the girls pointed out that I was putting make up on them at sleep over party's 15 years ago. 
Nothing like feeling a little old.
: )

They are laughing at my mother bawling her eyes out...

Pure happiness...

Frank was first to read their own vows. 
When it was Autumn's turn she pulled out a folded paper and Frank said, 'you wrote a book'?! 
It got quite a chuckle!


I think this picture is apropo of her name...

My 'out of the box' shot for those that follow. 
It was taken through a wrought iron fence.

My Daddy-o's car. 
The license plate is pretty fitting right? 
I added a little bit of a vintage edit on this one for the heck of it.

 The center pieces were hand made with tons of love and a few days worth of work. 
Each bow was perfectly twisted and crafted, and the pheasant feathers dramatically placed to make a whimsical festive table scape. See those acorns on the table? They were all hand painted. 
It's all in the little details. 
I would recommend Jeanie (the designer) to future brides but she has retired and only comes out for special events. Her creations are nothing short of magical!

Some more detail and architecture shots of the estate.

One of my faves...

So the last thing any couple wants to do is be interrupted during their reception. 
But you see I'm the older sister so I had a little bit of say. 
Thanks Frank for putting up with me. 
I know it's tough but when there is a sunset like this, it would be a shame to have missed it.

As the sun started to sink below the horizon we were greeted by the most intense sky I have ever seen. 
The sunset in these next few images are not re-touched. 
I wanted you to appreciate the real moment for what is was. 

I noticed in many of these photos there is a common theme. 
The way Frank looks at Autumn. 
Almost like he doesn't want to miss a thing...

I love real moments. 
The giddy, the satisfied, the proud. 
This image sums that all up for me.

I think this is my favorite from the evening...

I like the angle of this next shot and the story book appeal it has. 
Kinda of fairytale-ish!

There are a ton of people I need to thank for giving me the opportunity to capture some moments on my sister's BIG day. Our kids were passed around like hot potatoes. If you held one of my kids - I'm eternally grateful. I silently thanked each of you over and over again when I would see you taking care of them. 

As for the ivory tights I was suppose to get for my girls (that I never did). 
Sue, thank you for picking them up for me. I was so excited when I walked into the rehearsal dinner and was given a bag from Target with freakin' ivory tights! 
It meant I didn't have to drag the kids out the night before and go looking for them. 
So imagine my surprise when the next morning while getting the kids ready I couldn't find the bag...anywhere
Needless to say they did not wear those darn tights. 

When we went to make leftovers from the rehearsal dinner food the day after the wedding - 
guess what we found in our fridge?! 

Frank and Autumn, enjoy life...always. 


Nichole said...

Breathtaking moments captured and commentated on oh so sweet! Autumn and Frank, I had the pleasure of meeting you (again) and getting to know you a few months back. Wishing you both a lifetime and then some of happiness! Autumn, your shoes... HOT, HOT, HOT! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nichole :) Stacey, you are AMAZING! Again, crying...and this is the second time reading it....I think I will cry every time I read this. LoL. I love you, you're wonderful! Being your sister was the best thing that ever happened to me :)

Pat Markowski said...

Stacey - These are magnificent!! I think you should become an author too! I love reading what you write almost as much as seeing the pictures. I especially love the sunset ones. I think my favorite is the same as yours, but it's hard to pick because there are so many great ones. Autumn, you look fabulous- as I expected. And Frankie, you look great too! Best wishes for a wonderful future.

Christine said...

Wonderful! I agree with Pat - you should be an author. I love reading your blog! Autumn looked stunning and love the shoes!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. It was so nice of each of you to take the time and read through the novel, lol. I love seeing which images you thought 'worked' and hearing that you're such loyal readers. It makes my day! : )

Anonymous said...

Stacey, amazing!! The picture's are perfection! Beautiful!! Congrat's Autumn and Frank! Live life wonderfully together! Hugs and kisses to everyone.

Love ya all,

Lauren Markowski said...

These pictures are fantastic and Autumn and Frank are the cutest couple ever!! You captured some great moments!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous job you did.....It helps when the subjects are gorgeous too ;) WOW just WOW!!!

jeanie said...

Stacey, your amazing talent speaks for itself! What a gift you have bestowed upon Autumn and Frank. The gorgeous images of their special day are nothing short of fantastic! That sunset gave me goosebumps! Wonderful wedding, beautiful couple and fantabulous photographer!!! I'm so happy I was able to be there with you all. Hope to see you again, soon.

Pamela said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful couple. Love the details. The pictures are amazing. It looks just like a dream. Great job capturing those awesome pictures Stacy! :)