Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something About Mary...

The day we met the notebook sat neatly in front of her with custom 'do it yourself' tabs
marking the different sections.
Each section was titled by vendor and notes upon notes were organized under
the flower tabs that lined the top.

I have to tell you, I fell a little bit in love. 
A wedding scrapbook of details?!
I secretly wanted to grab it from her and run.
It was that cute.

Those small little things that create one of the biggest moments in your life.

The first time you saw him. 
The first time he held your hand.
The butterflies you got when the phone rang.
The sweet anticipation. 

The details are by far my favorite aspects of anything really. 

It's probably one of the main reasons I don't like to be surprised. 
I just think it's far better to enjoy the days leading up to the surprise as well.
It's kinda nice to carry around that excitement for more then a day.

 Anticipation makes the little things matter. 
The little things that add up to the one big thing.
Your love. 


We talked about where it began for them.
Where they were in life when they met.

Jay, was a lifeguard spending the summers at the beach and Mary...well...she was walking up to
 complete strangers and striking up a conversation with someone she thought was Jay (but wasn't ; )

They're comfortable and natural. Laid back and relaxed.
There was absolutely no pretense about them.
I loved that.
They were quick to laugh at themselves and even quicker to laugh with one another.
I'm sure at times even at me.
Not that I didn't deserve it! ; ) 

It has been raining here for five days straight and the day we met didn't look too promising either.
But wouldn't you know, as we began walking to the beach, the sky gently parted to
give us a little hint of sun.

A glimmer of hope, that tomorrow perhaps the sun will shine big and bright again.
Hope...like anticipation.
A small detail, but yet the 'big picture'. 

Her rock...
well...you'll see him in a bit too ; ) 

see...don't they just look comfortable?

and sweet...

and happy...

and silly...

and cozy...

and natural...

and Abercrombie-ish?

and while i haven't been keeping up with my 'out of the box' shots, 
I figured I would include one this time around. 

For those of you that are new, the out of the box images are shots I do for me. 
Something I want to try, something different. 
An unusual way to look at something normal.

For this shot I tried a frame within a frame. 
It was the first time trying something like this. So for any of my photographer friends, 
I will shoot at a smaller aperture next time around to get the frame in focus too. 

A quick thank you to Sue for the wonderful 'word of mouth' referral. 
I'm humbled by it...especially knowing your commercial background in photography. 
Thank you. 
Thank you a million times over. 
I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate the faith and wonderful support. 

Thank you Jay and Mary for putting up with my crazy antics. 
For allowing me to get creative and try new things. 
I love that you gave me the freedom to play. 

Looking forward to your big day in September!


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Anastasia said...

I love the one where he is hugging her. You're right it does look Abercrombie like! Your writing sets the tone for the pictures and their love. Once again, I enjoyed the visit here!

Sue said...

Yea!! As expected, the pictures are beautiful! You really captured their essence, and thats what I love the most about your photography! Can't wait to see the wedding photos!!! :)

Pat Wildgen said...

Absolutely loved the photos. Mary and James and so great together. Can't wait for the wedding and the pics. Sure you'll do a fantastic job, Stacey.

Pat (Mom) Wildgen