Friday, May 20, 2011

The Experience - T. Carlton Spalon

In between dropping off prints and a park session I had four free hours.
Yes. You heard me right.
A mother of three, and four free hours?!

I felt light headed. It was as if I had won the lottery. 
What to do?
Go shopping, get lunch, or just sit in my car just to hear my own thoughts clearly?
While entertaining the wonderful idea of running into a store without schlepping three kids,
 I caught my reflection in the rear view mirror. 
Ugh. Dreadful.

I think it was two years since I took full assessment of what was staring back at me in the mirror.
I needed a cut and color, and I needed it now.
Like right now.
I dialed the closest salon to where I was stopped at that red light.
They were able to squeeze me in in an hour.

The music was piped through the speakers in the parking lot of T. Carlton Spalon,
 and as I walked in the hum of the hair dryers steady rhythm was like a lullaby.

The interior was elegant.
Okay, that's modest.
 More like decadent and glamorous.

Leopard print and mocha caramel walls surrounded me.
Framed mirrors, chandeliers, and super fun stained glass lighting hung strategically around the massive yet cozy space.
There was so much eye candy there it was ridiculous.
Plush chocolate sofas and an icy cold pitcher with beautiful orange slices floating through it.
There was even a celestial theme on the ceiling for your viewing pleasure while
you were having your hair shampooed! I know. Fabulous, right?

I walked in that day for a haircut and came out having an experience.

When a person, company, service or product can do that, I want to do business with them.
It's really that simple.
They get it.

The best part of this whole experience?
I know what most of you would guess.
You look soooo much better.
But that's not it.

You feel so much better.
You feel happy.
You have an extra spring in your step.
You feel a little healthier, maybe because you are actually taking the time to
take care of yourself...and perhaps even a little sexier.
The way you look, the compliments and the confidence is almost an after thought.

In today's age when everything is a commodity it's nice when a service or product goes above and beyond. Not just so you sit up and take notice, but because they care.
They care about your loyalty, they care about how you are treated.
They want to make sure you had the best experience possible so that not only will you come back,
you will holler to your friends to go.

So, we're friends...right?

What are you still doing here... ; )


T. Carlton Spalon is located centrally in Smithtown, NY.
They can be reached at 631-584-9393.
They have a full line of services for your hair at their studio,
 and a wonderful spa for the most luxurious visit. 


GinaW said...

Wow sounds heavenly!!!

Anonymous said...

I am having my FIRST mani/pedi at T.Carlton's this Saturday 6/11/11. Will share the experience when I return. i am sure it will be as good as yorus.KD

Show and Tell Photography said... is. You should check it out! KD....I think you will be in for a treat. Thanks for leaving a comment to let me know. Be sure to stop back and let us know how it went. I would love to hear, since I need to get my first summer pedi done soon too! : )