Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vendor Spotlight

I would never buy something from someone I didn't like.
Is that too brash?
I'm going to go out on a limb though and say you wouldn't either. 
I mean we may have in the past, but I doubt we would ever do it again.
For some reason it just feels creepy. Doesn't it?
If I don't have a good feeling about the person, then the product
(no matter how lovely or how badly I may want it) doesn't measure up.
Even if it is perhaps the best bargain.

I love people with a great disposition.  
If I love your product or your services, I'm going to love them even more if you're awesome. 
I can't help myself. 
I want to invest in people who I like. 

Now you may say, 'well Stacey...if their product is aaammmazing, what does it matter'? 
It does and I'll tell you why. 
Because that product or their services are an extension of them.

When you own your own business or work for a company you are proud of - you can't help but pour your heart and soul into it.
It becomes you and you become it. 
It co-exists naturally and quite beautifully. 

There are times however when it may not. 
You go to that restaurant where you just looove the creme bru le but the service is terrible the last few times you were there.
Will you continue to go? How about the person who does an amazing job on your hair.
If they made you feel uncomfortable would you go back? 
The answer is no. 

I believe whole heartily that what you sell is what you believe in. 
You can tell when someone is enthusiastic or passionate about what they do - it can't be hidden. 
It oozes from them. Spills over and is down right contagious. 
I love that. 
I want to have people like that around me. 
I want to do business with them, become friends with them and get to know them better. 

That being said, I'm starting a 'vendor spotlight'  on this blog of people I admire. 
People I have done business with or would like to do business with. 
Enterpenuers who not only have fabulous products and services but more importantly the right attitude.

I want to spread the word about fun resources or things that sparkle a little extra to me and hopefully in turn will sparkle for you.
I will be asking the participants 20 questions.
The questions will have a bit about their industry but will mostly feature questions about them.
They will be random, fun and relatable questions.
I want you to get to know them on a personal level.
I want you to know who they are, why they do what they do, and their personality. 

I'm looking forward to showcasing fabulous people, their products and services.
I hope you'll check in often to see who steps into 'Stacey's Studio' to chat.
I can't wait...


Wanda said...

Oh...this is going to be fabulous - I can tell. What a great idea. Can't wait for the first one to start!!!

Have a grand day!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thanks Wanda! I'm excited too. Thank you for reading along. Oh and what a fabulous profile image! Have a sensational weekend!