Friday, March 25, 2011

2 Fabulous Treats for a Wedding Reception or Favor

I can't help it. I fall in love a little more each time I see one.
What's amazing is they're just as fun to look at as they are to eat.
I love that.

When there is a NY map designated to just cupcake bakeries, you know they're something special.
How about a cupcake blog with over 6,000 cupcake fanatics followers?!

They actually have a meet up at different cupcake shops all around NY.
I knoooow.
Who knew?!

I mean I adore them, but a fan club?
O M G!
I was all, 'sign me up' until I read that they all buy a different cupcake and then share them with each other.

Hmmm...I'm pretty sure someone would get stabbed with my fork if they reached over for my
little, fluffy, scrumptious cake of goodness.

I could see the NY Times now - 'Death by Cupcake'.
Not a terribly bad way to go.
Well, that's if you managed to get the last bite. ; )

I'm not sure what makes them special.
The fact that they are petite, individual, the perfect size really and all yours (hence the no sharing on my part)?
The perfect icing to cake ratio, the variety?
Or maybe it's because I have an odd fascination with them because I was the kid with the summer birthday who was never able to bring cupcakes in to celebrate.
Annnd maybe that's the reason why I don't like to share.
(Huh. Who needs a therapist, just get a blog ; )

So here is my one con about the cupcake.
I know what you're thinking, there is no con about a cupcake.

The wrapper.
Why do they make wrappers for cupcakes and not for muffins?
I'm at a loss here. Is it just for presentation?
The wrapper is impossible to get off without it effecting the icing.
It just complicates matters.
Now you want need to lick it off the damn thing,
 and how pretty does that really look?
You are all soooo lying if you don't think about doing it!

Enter: The Donut

Now this is something that can be shared.
It can be cut in half without the mess. 
No wrapper to worry about.
Glaze, powder, cinnamon, sugar, jam, jelly (aren't those one of the same?) custard, icing. 
Let's face it...being fried is kinda cool and the hole in the middle...adds to the fun!

I had a slight obsession with Krispy Kreme Doughnut when I first met Dan. 
So much so that I think I may have married him because of them. 
Shhhh ; ) 
Back in the day when he would visit me at work he would bring in a delicious big box for me and my co-workers. It was actually so much a part of our courtship that I had our wedding cake surrounded by the yumminess before it was cool to do so.

So you have heard the expression ' you are what you eat' right?!
Ummm, that's the reason I look more like a donut these days then the bride in the picture. 
You didn't think I got chubby from eating fruit...did you? ; )

photo courtesy of Leli Photography

That donut cake completely overshadowed the cotton candy machine, and the caramel apples btw. 
People still talk about it, and looking back now it wasn't extraordinary, it was only about the donut. 

 A cupcake or a donut is a no plate or fork needed kinda wonderful.
They're hip, cute and it's hard to stop at just one. Or five.
I know you're judging me.
It's okay.
Even if you don't have five. I know you want to.

Thinking about having cupcakes or donuts at your reception?
They make fabulous favors too.
Just pop them into a fun container with a donut or cupcake recipe maybe attached to the top.


Want to check out the Colossal Cupcake? It's huge and perfect for not sharing. ; )
It's part of the bake shop 'Crumbs' menu. You need to check out their flavors too: s'mores, brownie, caramel apple (omg), choc. covered strawberry, Irish cream and peanut butter cup are just a few.
They have a shop right around the corner in the Hampton's!

Want to see some fancy donuts?
Check out Big Apple Donuts (totally fab web site) to get some ideas or inspiration.

I interchanged the spelling of 'donut' or 'doughnut' through out the post. They are both correct ( I googled :) however, different companies used different spellings.


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