Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pancake Tuesday

You know when you hear something for the first time that you never heard of 
and the whole world seems to have heard of it? 
Yeah, that was me tonight. 
I hate that. 
I hate that I may have been missing out on something sooo good for so long. 
I mean who wouldn't like the permission to eat pancakes for dinner?!

They also call this day 'Fat Tuesday' - and I really didn't need to hear that to feel like I was missing out or want to join in. 
I have been having fat Tuesdays for a while now...

Speaking of pancakes...I got a kick out of the article below. 
Puuuulease tell me someone also has this issue and it's not just me?!

and I had to just add a picture...


Jenna Danelle said...

LOL - it's soooo true!!! And now I want pancakes... hmmm, is 1231am too early to make pancakes? Nah... :~)

Show and Tell Photography said...

AHHHHH Jenna I posted this at 11pm - I thought the same thing. I totally wanted to whip up a batch - however, I usually screw up the first few pancakes (instead of the first) so I could have been up all night. Thanks for commenting! : )