Monday, March 7, 2011

Bargain Baby Sitter

He steps precariously into the living room looking around as if we were recently ransacked.
I feel a smidge guilty as he steps over one toy and then another making a zig- zag path to give me a kiss hello.

 'How was your day?' he says.
My eyes follow his as he surveys the damage.

me: 'It was great actually.'
hub: 'Oh, yeah…what did you do?'

I cringe a little.

I'm not sure if it was worth it to tell him that I cleaned the very room he is standing in when I first got up, during their naps and about an hour before he got home. He would never have believed me.

'Are you referring to the wrapping paper?' I ask.

The wrapping paper was in large mounts strewn from the book cases and ripped into tiny pieces through out the room.

'Ummm, well Vienna found the wrapping paper I used to wrap her birthday gifts'.

I was waiting for him to tell me that maybe I should have taken it away from her.
Before he could though, I told him how it was the best $4.99 I spend on a babysitter
 for two hours worth of contentment.

He nods...and as he walks away I know he's making a mental note...
 to purchase more wrapping paper for when he babysits.


Austin said...

That's awesome. It kind of makes me think of this little guy...

nonetheless, great post!

(from [b] school)

Show and Tell Photography said...

Hahahhaha That was an awesome link! Very fitting. It's the simple things in life... : )

Thanks Austin for stopping by!

Nichole said...

So, I totally laughed out loud!!!! Thank you. : )