Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Options - Smithtown, Long Island Children's Session

As the trunk of the SUV opened, out came all of clothing. 
Blazers, dresses, jeans, bows, shoes, jersey's...colors, textures, options.
I was seriously in l-o-v-e. 
Talk about coming prepared! 

Now, those of you that know me, know I'm a girl that loooves options. 
Imagine how completely giddy I felt upon the clothing revelation. 
It was heaven!. 

I can't tell you what a tremendous effect the clothing choices have in your images. You know yourself how different you feel when you slip into high heels, or sweat pants...a high power suit or a sweet sun-dress. With each and every item we wear - it adds a little somethin', somethin' to our character. 
I was so excited with this session to see (with each outfit they pulled out) what possibilities/inspiration 
each choice would lead us to.

I was lucky enough to be blessed photographing two families this past Sunday afternoon. Two sisters, well Mom's, with five kids between them both. They were referred to me by the wonderful Mannino family. 
So a quick shout out to them...for that gesture (referring) is the best compliment ever to me!

The one thing I love capturing is relationships. 
Not just guy and girl. Siblings. Brothers, sisters, or cousins. 
I think there is something so magical about it. 
The ease in which family can laugh together, talk or just tease. 
They are just naturally themselves when in the company of people they know best. 
Relaxed and comfortable.

These children were so well behaved it would have knocked your socks off to see. What was interesting was how each one of the children adored one another. They were sweet. They were compassionate. 
The older boys were watching out for the younger kids. 
Holding their little sisters hand - and all without really being prodded. 
They did so naturally. Instinctively. 

I was reminded of a quote with this session. 
"We do not remember the days...we remember the moments."

How sweet a moment this was...

and this...

I heard a rumor that it was hard to get these next two boys to smile. 
I didn't believe it for a minute! ; )

Their baby sister...
What a face!

I seriously need to have another boy so I can have a picture of my own like this. 

One of my faves from the day...

For macho, sport lovin' boys, I thought this image caught a softer more vulnerable side to them.

I just like this next picture. 
The swoosh of the skirt, the swing of the hair. The expression. 
Pretty darn precious! 

Okay, raise your hand if you want to eat him up?!
Another favorite...

I love the emotion on her face...and the great eye contact on his. 
 Plus they look so cozy it makes me just want to squish them!

Ahhhh...to be a kid again.
For those of you that 'follow' the blog,
my "Out of the box", shot.

Thanks Tracy and Christina for the amazing and stylish clothing options you brought along. It totally made my day. You thought of everything! I loved how laid back and comfortable you both were and how you both allowed me plenty of space to get silly and playful with the kids.

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P.S. Tracy and Christina - your comments count too ; )


Christine Cicciari said...

These pictures are amazing! I love them all!!

Anonymous said...

THis is amazing I love them!

Kerrie said...

All of these pictures are amazing...love them!!

christina said...

I love, love, love them!n I can't wait to see the rest! Stacey you did an amazing job!

Cathy said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful....can't wait to see the rest!

TRACY, said...


Anonymous said...

There are more...I cant wait to see them..They really came out beautiful..

grandma said...

those are my beautiful grandchildren, cant wait to see the rest!

ruben said...

such cutie pies.......wating for more!

eric said...

Dad Thall says: I have 3 beautiful children that are angels in my eye from the angel i met 16 years ago

Show and Tell Photography said...

I love reading each and every comment. Thanks so much for taking a moment out of your busy day to leave a little note. It's so nice for the family to see...and who am I kidding, me too! : )

Keep the comments coming, they're almost up to 20!

Thanks everyone!

Rachel DeGroff said...

Hats off to the photographer! You really know how to capture the moment. The pictures are just fabulous!!

"Grandpa" Nick Parini said...

My grandkids are all so adorable...in any picture. However the photographer really did a great job with these photo's.

Anonymous said...
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Nana Carol said...

Wow..my great grandkids look wonderful! That photographer really knows how to take some good pictures.

Anonymous said...

Tracy -These pictures are beautiful! Can't wait to see all of them.

Nancy said...

What beautiful pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pic's Stacey! What awesome looking kids. It looks like your job is just plain fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow....can't believe how beautiful these pictures came out. I have to get my kids pictures taken here. Love them!

Anonymous said...

pictures look incredible! :) so gorgeous

Show and Tell Photography said...

Yeahhhh...20 comments! You know what that means? A complimentary print! Thanks everyone for leaving the comments for the family to take a peek at. It's so nice to see the kind words!