Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My son

I saw the date, September 28th on the calendar. It put me in a slight panic. Okay, I lie...maniac mode. 

You see, I was one of those people who before having kids, swore I was not going to forget to write down when their first tooth came in, the moment they said their first word, their first sentence. And I was certainly going to have a picture of them every month of their life (at the bare minimum). I was not going to be one of those people who had a million pictures in albums and frames all over the house of the first born, a few less for the second, and none for the third. Nooo sir, it wasn't going to be me.

So when I saw the date, I knew that I was late...26, 27, 28, 29...Ahhhh - I needed a picture on the 26th. 
He was seven months old.
It's happening. 
Time is flying by and I'm missing it. I would have usually said my regular - ohh, I'll wait until I dress him up, or I'll wait until the holiday pictures...or until that scratch goes away on his face - but instead this time I seized the moment. He was in his high chair, with food on his face and a messy bib. I turned around quickly while doing the dishes and caught his eye. We froze. Stuck in a moment together. He looked at me with this gummy grin and my heart melted. I needed to remember this second, his face, the ache in my heart - forever. 

Sometimes it's just not about the perfect pose, or the perfect outfit or the special occasion. 
What it is about is life. Life, as it's happening. 
If you blink, you'll miss it...and we're all going to miss it.

Don't mind the food on his face or the images not edited - I'm a rebel like that.

Yes, my son is all ears...or is it eyes...or maybe cheeks?! 

Why do the boys always get the eyelashes?!

My 'out of the box shot'.
These kept him busy for ohhhh, I don't know, a minute.

and this bottle top - for an hour. 
If you want to save some money this holiday season - give your toddler an empty box. 
It may sound cruel but I really they will be thrilled. : )

I promise not to feel too hurt when you realize there is more to life then Mom...thanks for making me feel like I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. 
If only for right now. 
Even more important then that bottle top.

Taking pictures is tough work, right? 
Tell me about it kid... ; )

 You're happy. You smile. A lot. People cross the street to meet you. 
Your eyes sparkle. I've heard the saying but have rarely seen it happen. I see it every day now. 
The smallest, most ordinary moments are extraordinary with you. 
Thank you little man.




Anonymous said...

So adorable, that little munchkin man. LOVE him! :)

Robyn Bridson said...

So beautiful Stacey! Both the photos and your words. What a wonderful gift for your son to have to look back on in the future. He is so cute!! All your kids are! I hope life is treating you well! <3

Nichole said...

Robyn, perfectly said... amazing that this little boy will have these gifts to look back on!

Stacey, I love your outlook on life. Seize the day! This is one lucky little boy!

Pamela said...

Gorgeous eyes!!! He is precious god bless him.