Saturday, April 7, 2012

Right Place, Right Time - Reneé + Michael - The Inn at New Hyde Park

It's the way they look at each other that makes you hold your breath a little. 

I tried to imagine what it must have been like when he was her boss. 
Were there flirty glances? 
Maybe they day dreamed a bit about each other?
Or did it really all just happen after they met up again when they no longer worked together?! 


Is there such thing as the "right place and the right time?"
I think so.
And that's just how their wedding felt. 

Everything just felt right.

Beyond their love, beyond their amazing family and fabulous friends...the day was perfect. 

The weather hovered at an usual 72 degrees for March, 
and the smell of spring was in the air with the first signs of the trees budding. 
The venue was nothing short of amazing.  
It was dripping with sophistication and elegance, and the light was fabulous; inside and out. 
It was the perfect fit and location for their happy day. 


The first time we met, we sat feet from one another at a local Starbucks.
My mind raced with questions I usually can't help but ask. 
And not because I want to make small talk, but because 
I just really want to know how they got from there to here.

What were the signs?
Was it love at first sight?
Where did it all begin?
What makes them tick?

Love is unique. It's different for everyone.
I want to know how my couples love. 
Is it loud and fun, soft and kind, sweet and compassionate?
Knowing their history (for me) is the magical element that I hope makes you feel what 
I see when I document their day.
Their story helps me feel more than what I see. 
It makes an image not just an image anymore, but a beautiful tale. 

They recalled when they first met with large grins that reached their eyes. 
They watched each other intently when they took turns telling their story.
By the time they had finished I felt as if I had just ended a great book.
But lucky for was really just the beginning.

They are content. Happy. And in love. 
The right place and the right time just now happens to be...the rest of their lives.


Flowers were designed by the ever fabulous Burton's!

A little bit of drama...

A whole lot of glamour...

Like a glove...


Through the eyes of a child.
It's like seeing Cinderella come to life right before your eyes! 

A little play with shadow and light...and a bit of sparkle.

Some last minute preparation.

Reneé, your hair just kills me. Well, pretty much everything about you.

Looking ever so dapper...

I love it when life unfolds so perfectly.

Juuuust smashing my dear...

And dashing dahling...

 That tree totally hooked us up.
Love how it played up Reneé's hair color! : ) 

Reneé and Michael planned to do a 'first look'.
For those of you who have never heard of this, 
it's when the bride and groom have a private moment together for the big reveal (before the ceremony). 

This option frees up their timeline a bit so the pictures are more relaxed, 
and they can enjoy their cocktail hour fully with their family and friends. 
It's also a great idea if the couple will be getting married closer to dusk, 
because it enables them to capture some fabulous golden light that everyone looks so magical in. 


Sneak peek...

Love how he smiles at her...

"The journey of a lifetime begins with one single step..."

It's a tough job...
but someone's gotta do it.

The ceremony couldn't have been more perfect. 
It was the right amount of tears of joy and laughter.

Sometimes, beyond the emotion that is up front and center in an image - there lies another layer. 
Michael's Mom is seen here (below) in the background brushing away a happy tear. 

Images that have a few secrets are some of my favorites...

Kinda like the one above too, where you can see Renee's 
Mom and Dad over her shoulder laughing along side of her.

The stoic shot of the brothers.

It's the moments after the shot sometimes where you see the personalities come out - love that! 

The lovely ladies...

The details...

Because everyone needs a formal shot or two...

The ballroom...

The Hank Lane Band, getting the party started...

Makes me happy...


I'll end on this happy 'note'...

As always, my top five moments...

My favorite moment of the day would have to be during their vows.
I went from laughing out loud, to full on tears within seconds of each other.
It was such a beautiful and emotional ceremony.

Unique: I thought the grapes that were added to the centerpieces were fabulous!

Coolest: The cocktail hour! It had the look and feel of being somewhere completely different.
From the tin roof ceiling, to the waterfall behind the bar...and the furniture
that was so cleverly used as food stations.

Funniest: I got a giggle out of the somersault entrance from Mike's brother.

Sentimental: Maybe it's because photographs are my thing,
but I loved the framed photographed images that they had on display.
They were wedding portraits of different generations of their family.
For me it was like being able to see a moment come full circle.  


Ohhh...Reneé and Mike, where do I begin?!
I adored everything about your day and the both of you. Your day was nothing short of perfect. 

Thank you for sharing your day with me. 
I loved witnessing all of the fun and loving moments between
the both of you and your family and friends.

Thank you for your unbelievable kindness and generosity. 
Much love and happiness always.


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Liz said...

Stunning pictures, stunning couple, and stunning location!!

dorothy said...

Stacey, your lovely thoughts and wonderful pictures have reduced me to tears of happiness that I can't control. I was fearful that I would forget or missed important moments of this magical day, but I'm now comforted knowing we will have your beautiful pictures to look back to. Thanks so much. Dorothy[Mike's Mom]

Anonymous said...

Stacey the photos are stunning and
you were so into Renee' and Mikes
wedding. You tried to cover every
corner of the Inn to capture all
the great memories of the day. Anyone that requested a photo, you
were there with a camera and a smile. Renee' and Mike you look like models from a magazine. These photos will bring the both families such happiness forever.
Barbara & Russ (Renee's parents)

Jamie Hall said...

Stacey, The pictures look absolutely amazing! I cannot wait til it is my turn in August! Best of Luck to you Renee and Mike!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thank you so very much for leaving such kind words everyone!

Dorothy and Barbara, I adored documenting Renee and Mike's happy day. I loved every moment of it. The day was just perfect! You both raised some really great 'eggs'! : )

Renee' & Michael Drysielski said...


Mike and I want to thank you so much for everything!!! We absolutely love the pictures and are so excited to see the rest of them. You have been awesome from the time we met and we enjoyed sharing our special day with you. You have so much talent in what you do and should be proud. Can't wait to see the rest of the memories and to talk some more!

Jamie, thank for you the wishes. You picked the BEST photographer and will be thrilled with her work. Goodluck to you and best wishes.

Christa said...

Those were amazing!! I can not wait to see the rest. Stacey you words were was a perfect day for this amazing couple. Those pictures truly capture the love that they share for one another!! So blessed that I was able to share in the day!!

Danielle said...

OMG!!! Such a beautiful love story, such a beautiful day! Stacey you captured so many great moments!! We cannot wait to see the rest!

Jenn said...

I could never have expected, Stacey, that you would have gotten such incredible, natural photos, or that you would have been able to put a story behind it as you, as if you've known Renee and Mike for 20 years. Well done! It was an incredible event, and you have captured that here, enough to bring tears to my eyes (again). Thank you for taking such good care of our Girl (and guy). Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

Jenn (Bridesmaid)

Mia said...

The pictures are beautiful. They captured almost every moment of the wedding.