Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Bucket List - Happy Fall!

It's official. 
The beginning of the season started for me today. Each year it's a different day. 
But today the weather dipped just cool enough to put a chill in the air for me to light 
some candles and pull out the fall decor.

There is something about autumn that is so cozy to me. 
The yummy textures of sweaters, the warm colors. 
Everything has a golden caramel hue added to it too...like the lighting filtering through the 
trees and the brilliance of the leaves. 

The scarves come out and hats emerge. And everyone looks like they walked out of a catalog. 
There is just something about the fall that pulls a look together. 
Maybe it's the chic boots, or the killer layering. 
Whatever it is, I love it. 
It makes you just want to hug people. No really. Doesn't it? Oh. That's just me?!
Nahh. It can't be. 
There is just something extra squishy about someone in a cozy outfit.
You want to reach out and touch them. 
The soft cashmere. The plush textures. 
Just fabulous!

Sooo grab your honey, or your family and check off as many things as you can on the list below. 

Enjoy the season!

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