Monday, September 5, 2011

A Present...

I stood in line listening to the folks around me talk about the impending hurricane. 
They were sharing last minute tips and offering suggestions on where to find batteries in case of a power outage. 
They were holding cases of water, purchasing garbage pails and lighters 
and their voices had a worried tone. 
I glanced down at my cart and thought to myself they must think I have gone mad. 
My cart was filled to the brim of not necessities, but rather the opposite. 
Play Dough, lollipop flashlights (I know...genius, right?), paint, a box of 64 brand spanking 
new crayons and enough snacks to invite the county. 
If we were goin' down, we were going to go down having a ball. 
It was 'insurance' in a way too.  
I wanted to make sure my kids lived to tell about it. 
You know, just in case I had to spend 96 freakin' hours with them...
their odds didn't look good without entertainment. ; ) 

Day 1 - The wind was barely kicking up when we lost electricity. 
While we should have been using the batteries for the flashlights, 
we were using them to blare happy Christmas music from the 'Hello Kitty' radio. 
We broke out the Play Dough waaay too early and spent the next three hours playing. 
Who knew, I could be occupied that long without my computer?! 
While three hours sounds like an eternity playing play dough...there were ten more hours to go. 
And that was just day one. 

We laughed, we talked...and pretended we were camping. 
We built tents in the living room and read by flashlight.  
Remember back in the day when a simple card board box could keep you occupied for hours?
Well...thank God boxes still exist.

Day 2 - Was our 'wacky' day. We wore our clothes backwards and ate dinner for breakfast. 
Being unconventional just seemed to sorta fit and it made it a bit more 
fun to get through the endless day.
I don't remember much of the the events now, but I do remember that I spent
 the day noticing the different specks of colors in my children's eyes and 
how the window light highlighted and shadowed their faces. 
No artificial light to muck it all up, just pure, yummy, diffused, lovely light. 
I was glad I had a moment to stop and soak it all in. 
So many days I'm wishing it away...but this day, I was not. 
We slept with the window's wide open feeling the amazing breeze 
left over from Irene and talked about pumpkin picking before falling asleep. 

Day 3 - The novelty was wearing off a little but who was I to complain. 
I wasn't sure how the rest of the world was fairing and we were all safe. 
We played the Christmas CD once again, but Alvin and the Chipmunks 
were starting to get on my nerves...especially when played on repeat. 
I cursed the toys I tripped over, and cursed the water that was ice cold. 
I was tired, exhausted...and ready for the adventure to come to a screeching halt.   

Day 4 - Packed the kids up and headed to the aquarium. 
For some reason I didn't take into consideration that the rest of the Island 
would have had the same idea. 

Exhausted, cranky, and defeated...we pulled up in the driveway and saw the porch light on. 
I swear I heard angles singing. 
We yelled, screamed and did a happy dance walking in. 

While we were walking into the house Ms. V said 'Mom, the lights are back on...are you happy?'  
It was a catch 22 in a way. 
Happy for the convenience...yes.
Annnd happy because I enjoyed a simpler world that they let me have without them for a few days too.


My love hate relationship is with this 'Hello Kitty' radio. 
With an Ipod that has over 14,000 songs, a CD changer with over 500 discs, 
and an amazing entertainment system and speakers...I listen to this. 

You thought I was kidding...

Three hours...for real!

The box is 12x12...
May I suggest a great holiday gift?! ; ) 

I'm ashamed that I relied on DS to occupy my daughter....desperate times...desperate measures.

I took two pictures at the aquarium. 

While, I guess you can't be thankful for a hurricane especially after hearing about the suffering and devastation. 
But. A part of me was selfish. I was thankful. 
I was thankful for the time I had to step away from the hustle and bustle. 
To pay attention to every word, and every syllable coming out of my children's mouths. 
No place to go, nothing to one to see. 
It was a forced vacation. 
 I took advantage of the time away from the cooking 
( I kid...I don't cook ; ) to take it all in. 
To be the present. 
Because after was a present. 

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