Monday, August 22, 2011

Too Faced - Make- Up Monday

I have always been the girl that has been a sucker for a good name.
A product name. I love clever. I love witty. I love ironic.
It makes me happier when I know that the name of my lipstick I picked for the day is called 'Gutsy'.
I know. I'm a little strange.

Sooo...maybe I was a little bias purchasing this product based on the name...'Too Faced'.
It claimed to be a multi-tasker. It was able to create a naked, sexy and romantic styled look for the eyes.
Wait...isn't that 'Three-faced'? ; )

It totally didn't disappoint. I love every single color.
Bad news though...this was a limited edition collection that is no longer available.
 I thought about not reviewing it, but it's just too good not too. 

While my palette collection comes with all the shadow' seems
'Too Faced' normally does a small collection for each eye look. Like the the one below.  

The 'Naked Eye - Soft and Sexy Eye' collection includes: 9 essential pure-pigment shadows
which provide a range of matte neutrals and soft shimmers for the perfect balance and variety. T
he names are super fun too...

Birthday Suit ( a beige shimmer)
Satin Sheets ( a champagne shimmer)
Pillow Talk ( a light taupe sheen)
Buff (a matte ivory)
Unmentionables ( a steel gray
Pink cheeks ( pale pink)
Lap Dance (silvery taupe shimmer)

'Too Faced' actually made me a bit happier after I applied it.
IWhat was actually better then that was when I caught a glimpse of myself seven hours later.
The shadow was still there and as fresh as if I just swiped it on.
The first shadow ever to have such a long life span after I applied it.

The reviews on the shadow at Sephora are phenomenal. 5 Star across the board!
If you happen to pick it up...let me know what you think!

Happy Monday!

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