Monday, August 1, 2011

Make-Up Monday - Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Concealer

This is one of those luxury items that I love.
I wouldn't exactly call it a concealer though, it's more of a highlighter.
It has that good night sleep kinda wonderful look.

So, let's's incredibly creamy and doesn't cake. Love that!
It blends fabulous and it also moisturizes. Yay! 
It also hides redness and brightens up dark areas.

I love products that multi-task.
Who said women were the only ones who could do that?! ; )

So the secret to this beauty is to use it as a highlighter instead of concealer.
It's pretty much pretty darn perfect.
The only caveat is it's price tag.
But come're worth it!
(Two points, if you can guess who's tag line that is!)

I think this purchase is a total 'must have' and it should definitely
be a staple in every women's make-up bag.

Let me know if there are any fans out there who love this product as much as me!

If the price tag isn't in your budget, stay tuned for next week's 'Make-Up Monday' spotlight
to see a more reasonable alternative ; )


Check back on Wed. for a look into Jill & Cam's fabulous Hampton wedding!

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Loree5 said...

The pictures are exquisite! Stacey is right you two go together like a glove in a hand! I am so happy that God brought the two of you together and made our two families one! I pray that all God's blessings will flow down upon your new family and that you will grow each day together in happiness and joy! We love you more than you can, someday you will and that will be the beginning of a whole new adventure.
"I'll love you for always, I'll like you forever, as long as I'm living my children you'll be"

With our love always and forever...Dad and Mom