Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trials...errr...Trails and Tribulations

I'm a liar.

And it's not really a lie per say, but it's certainly not the truth. 
Like, if I tell you only one more picture...I'm sure you will hear me fire off two or three shots. 
Or if I say I will stop at one cookie...yeah, you know where that's going don't ya? 

Remember when your Mom would tell you 'it's only for your own good'?
That's kinda how I feel. 
That extra picture is good insurance, just in case someone had a funny face on.
And as for the cookies...well, maybe Mom didn't know what was good for me, but I sure did. ; ) 

Soooo if I say it's just around the corner, ummm it might be the hike of your life. 
Kinda like this session the other day.

I was with a 2 and 3 year old and a Mom with a heavy diaper bag. 
We took a 'trail' to go and see a goat. 
Yes. A goat. 
And this goat may just as well have been in Ala-freakin'-bama. 

We ended up taking the scenic route, that's for sure. 
What was I thinking?!
It was pretty, fun and we did manage a few keepers, but I'm sure those kids had a good nap after. 
Hey, who knew that I could not only give you a portrait experience,
 but an afternoon with kids napping experience too?! 

You hear that? 
That's the sound of my phone ringing off the hook! ; ) 

Here are two quickies:

This shot was taken while trying to tickle him and balance a pine cone on my head. 
Oh, and of coarse trying to take the picture too. 
I'm not gonna lie. 
He made me work for it. 
But then again...wasn't it I who sent his little legs on that walk?

and sometimes - a look can be more captivating then a smile. 
I love when a child has that pensive expression. 
It's one of my favorite looks...and one I find the hardest to achieve in an image. 
You want serious, but not sad - and you want direct eye contact. 
Try telling that to a child under 4!
Please note, this is also the look you may get with extensive walking and play! ; ) 
It was literally taken in the 'parking lot' next to our cars right before we left.

I'm not sure the post would be complete if I didn't add a picture of the dang goat!

Jill, I feel the need to not only say thank you for being so fabulous during the trails and tribulations, 
but also for cursing me only in your head which was nice. ; ) You were so calm and cool. I love you for it.
Thank you!

Also, a special thanks to Stacey who was kind enough to send Jill and her family my way!

I think I'll close with a Roy Roger's lyric that I think is apropo...

"Happy trails to you...until we meet again...
Some trails are happy ones, others are blue.
It's the way you ride that counts. 
Here's a happy one to you."

Thanks Jill, Delaney and Liam for making it a happy one!

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Nichole said...

Love your work and your stories! Adorable children!