Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Melinda

Artistic people inspire me.
They have the innate ability to see the world differently.
Through interpretation, color, paint, pencil or thought.
I always wonder when viewing an artists work how that particular image came to be.

How were they inspired? Was it a mood? Was it a person? Was it a fabric? What made them pick up the paint brush and create? I think that is the major allure for me when viewing art.
I want to know what they were thinking.

Meet Melinda.
An artist and an art teacher.
You can see her personal art collection, and read about the community murals
she helped to create and execute to beautify Long Island neighborhoods here!

Thanks Melinda for spicing up the shoot with such a rockin' outfit and style that stretches out for miles.
I love glamorous.
You my darling were the definition of it!


for all of my photographer friends - the images above were taken with the lovely 85mm 1.4


Make-up above was done by Timeless Beauty.

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