Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet baby James...

Look at those lips


The rolls were almost as precious to me as his adorable face!

It's as if you drew him right?


I love this angle for some reason. He looks just like a baby doll to me.

Can someone please explain why these rolls look so darling on him...but not on me?
I don't get it.
Unless they do?! ; )

I know this is a tight framed shot but I liked all of the little 'bits' it showed and highlighted.

Dontcha just want to squeeze him?

Seriously...just look at him!
Couldn't be more relaxed...

Thank you Amanda for taking the drive out to Long Island.
James was so wonderful to photograph. What a sweet disposition.
It was wonderful to see you and the kids!



Nichole said...

Beautiful Baby Boy! Congrats to the family!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me with these? What a MUSH! I love those rolls! How on earth do you get the poses so perfect without waking up the babies? Lol. Amazing! I love the one where he is wearing the brown knit hat with the ears and his hand is udner his chin. SO cute!!!! :)