Friday, January 28, 2011

Autumn's Bridal Session

I was recently going through my archives and came across some shots I had taken of
Autumn as part of her bridal series that I had never posted.
Just thought I'd share...

How often did your wedding dress get worn or do you expect to wear it? Pretty much once, right? That is so not fair! It's something that you paid waaaay to much for, that fits you like a glove and makes you feel like a million dollars in it - and you wear it once.

Whether you are hiring/hired me or another photographer, make sure to ask them about a 'bridal' or the 'day after' session. It's a great time to get relaxed shots when you're feeling comfortable and not
crunched for time. Plus it's one more day to wear something that's amazing and
hold on to the feeling of 'Cinderella' a bit longer.

Cinderella... you think my husband would find it strange to come home and find me doing the laundry in my wedding dress?

haha - that's if I can even get a leg into it stll ; )


Jennifer said...

Love these! These pics would fit very well in a bridal magazine.

Anonymous said...

:) Love these! Thanks for posting Stace!

Show and Tell Photography said...

Thanks girls! Made my day...