Monday, November 15, 2010

The Cozine Family - Cherubs...

When I had asked her to describe her children, she was quick to mention that her husband has a knack for finding the perfect words. He was, after all the english major. 
I liked how she was aware of what attributes each person in the family brought to the table. 
She took her time and was thoughtful of each and every characteristic that made them all so unique. 
She rattled off details as if she were describing characters in a book. 
She used descriptive words, and didn't even feel the need to sugar coat things one bit. 

I have to tell you that this is one of my most favorite parts of the session. 
Before I even lift my camera, I find it so vital to be aware of the dispositions of people Im photographing. 
It not only helps to know their likes and dislikes - but it also helps to tell the story. 
Those little things, are the threads that weave it together.

I wouldn't be able to tell your story, if I walked in and randomly started to snap away. 
Nor would I be able to edit through the pictures if I didn't know what type of expressions fit the child. 
Those clues, those hints, are gems to me.
I want your history, their personalities and expressions to be savored. 


Thank you Christine for being so thorough. 
I knew who each child was just by their demeanor when we were introduced. 
You did a fantastic job of being so spot on. 

With four kids, you would expect, well, chaos at the session. 
But no. 
They were polite,well mannered and super sweet.
Mom, said it best when she called them her 'cherubs', and I couldn't agree more.

So without further ado, Cozine family, here is your story, your moments, your life.

This first shot to me looks like a cozy country Christmas. 
I love the rustic look, yet fancy feel with the dresses. 

The only boy among three sister's. 
Now, any boy that goes through life surrounded by all girls - 
is going to make his future bride one day a very lucky lady. 

Ms. M is a twin to her big bro above. 
Buuut the kicker...they were born on different days!
How incredibly cool is that?

The most soulful and deepest color chocolate brown eyes I have ever seen... little blue eyed fire cracker! : )

I think this next shot captures the essence of Ms. Em.

I looove kids holding hands...

I'm pretty sure that all four children are smiling here because Dad was super great with doing whatever it took to get genuine smiles out of the kids.

The whole fabulous fam...
Who would have thought we would have all of the wonderful autumn foliage so late in the season?
Loved it!

A special thank you to Jerry and Christine for allowing me the opportunity to have some freedom with the kiddos and to 'play' at our own pace
It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with you and your 'cherubs'.
What 'heavenly' company it was! ; )

So readers, please help the Cozine family receive a complimentary gift if they reach 20 comments. 
Leave your message right below! Jerry and Christine your comments count too ; ) 

O, M, P, E - I sent Santa your message! 


Jerry said...

Stacey - Thanks so much for capturing the essence of our family. You are truly an artist who knows that pictures are so much more than just clicking away!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. You guys look amazing. Stacey, you did another great job.

Christine Doukas

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous ... no other words can compete - every picture is better than the last!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures, great subjects, great photography!!! what a package.

Babette said...

Dear Christine and Jerry,
What a beautiful family. And, the children are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.
How fortunate these four cherubs are to have such loving and competent parents.
My life is enriched by knowing all of you!
P.S. What a great photographer!

Aunt Tess said...

I'm in love

Favorite Cousin Alex said...

Oh my goodness this is beyond precious! The pictures really capture each of them so perfectly!! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures, they are growing more beautiful every year.

Hugs to All

Show and Tell Photography said...

Super big thanks to everyone that stopped in to leave a note. I love reading them as do the families.

Jerry, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop by the blog. I appreciate your sincere comment and appreciation. It made my day!