Monday, October 4, 2010

Bonjour petite homme (hello little man) - Introducing Mr. "Z"

Her voice when she was spoke sounded as if she were singing a lullaby. 
Her nickname for her new son brought a smile to my face. 
It sounded even more lovely with her beautiful French accent. 

Dad leaned over the crib beaming at the sight of his little man. There was excitement in his voice when he re-counted having him sit on his lap while they both hung out and watched the Yankee game together.

Mom was trying her hardest to sooth her baby boy to sleep, in hopes of getting those snuggly newborn shots. But Mr. Z was just one week shy of 8 weeks old, 
so those sleepy shots were few and very far between for this stage of life. 
It's usually best to get that look when babes are under 14 days old. 

But we forged ahead and prayed for the best.
At this age he was now the one calling the shots! 
Alert, and super observant, he was already lifting his head and giving some little smiles. 
Although we couldn't get him to sit still, lol... 
you would never know it by checking out the images below.

Mom and Dad did a great job getting the room super cozy for Mr.Z...

How many moments have you spent watching your new baby sleep like this?
Document it - no matter what age they are. 
You won't regret it. 
I promise.

The 'out of the box' shot.

This next image melts my heart a little...okay, a lot.
My mother told me once that if you wanted to remember a moment forever, to close your eyes and try to think of every detail and just savor it.
I recall wanting to freeze a moment just like this next one. 
The pride on Daddy's face here and the tenderness in his son's hand laying gingerly across his.
Dad was savoring it...just like I had once...

A moment in your hands...forever in your heart.

I like the perspective of this shot. Plus I think his eyes look super dreamy.

There was a little controversy of who the babe looked more like, Mom or Dad.
They each went and got their baby pictures for me to compare.
This happens at almost ever session!
And for a good reason.
It's history. It's their life. It's a moment that has come full circle. 
Never were their baby pictures as significant to them as now.

I wanted to get a shot of Zackery looking like Mom and Dad did back in the day. 
I think this next shot is a good representation of them both. 

I'm kinda in love with this picture. 
I love that his eyes are so wide, expressive and alert. 
His bottom lip is just so pillow-y and plump and the top lip is shaped so perfectly. 
I think it's a classic shot, with a modern feel (crop) that Mr. Zack nailed perfectly. weeks old and a grin that BIG?! 
How stinkin' cute is he?!

They make such a great looking family, don't they?

Thanks Bret and Asmaa for letting me into your lives
to be a part of Zackery's debut shots. 
You were both warm, kind, and most of all happy.  
Your new son is certainly one lucky boy.

The honey lemon tea was delicious and hit the spot. 
Thanks so much for spending the morning with me!

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Anonymous said...

He is sooooo adorable! Love pics!

Nichole said...

Adorable little boy! Love the last family photo. Being a new mom, I can see the happiness not only in there faces, but in their hearts.

Kim said...

I love all the Pictures. you guys have a beautiful family... cant wait to see you guys