Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ms. Sarahfina Rose - 11 days young - Newborn Long Island Photographer

I heard the cooing coming from the nursery as soon as I entered their house for the session. Sweet shushing noises and loving talk coming from the proud new Mama. As I tip toed up the stairs, my eyes were greeted  by the petite face of their new baby girl resting peacefully in her Mama's arm.
Euphoria: a defined emotion, an intense state of transcendent happiness combined with an

overwhelming sense of contentment.
Yep, that was Mom and Dad.
 Sarahphina Rose? 6 pounds, 2 ounces. Pure. New. Un-affected. Whole-some. Flawless.

As if time had stopped, I stood almost breathless as I stared at the new little bundle of life that she held so tenderly. Having three children of my own you would think I would be immune to the site of an infant,  but no, I certainly was not. There is something so profound, so pure, so godly (if you will) about new life. The intense protectiveness you feel, the teeny tiny look, the smell, the emotion, their sound. Your sense's are just heightened when in their new company. What an amazing creation. 

During one point of the session, baby Sarahfina curled up her tiny fists and gingerly placed them below her chin.  She then pursed her small lips in the shape of an 'o', and let out the slightest little yawn. We just stopped. We stared. We enjoyed. We loved. Nichole's big eyes met mine, filled with tears and her voiced raw with emotion said, "I just love her soo much, you have no idea. Thank you so much for being here, taking time away from your family to be with mine. This means so much to us."


Nichole, I do have an idea. Because I should be thanking you. You see, my heart is not the same after each session. Whether I'm photographing a newborn, a child or a couple for that matter. The feeling doesn't change for me. I get attached. My heart grows slightly bigger for being able to feel and see the love that we are all sometimes just to busy to witness during everyday life. I was blessed with the gift to be a part of my clients achievements, history, and their milestones and I am eternally grateful to be given such a
prestigious opportunity each day that I work.

When I say, I feel like I won the lottery because I found something that I love to do, that is truly an understatement. Today, I may not be any richer dollar wise, but I'm richer none the less then I have ever dreamed possible...for being able to share moments like this, with you.

Please help me welcome, Ms. Sarahfina...

The birthday suit...

         A different angle, but I think she looks like a doll here.

Love this pose!

"Snug as a bug..."

There is something so significant about hands to me. 

"Out of the box" shot.

While we are on the subject of 'hands' I thought I would include this next one - only just to show the comparison and perspective of how tiny of a tot Sarahfina really is.


Thanks "Dad" for helping me with the gear and offering up the eggs!
Mom, for helping me chase the light around the house (literally).
We were moving furniture, taking down curtains, braving the winds of the tail end of hurricane Earl...all to find the magical yummy light.
We found it sparingly peeking through the trees and windows. 
We shouldn't have put forth such an effort though Nichole, because she lit up a room
like the brightest rays of sunshine!

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Want to see where it all began?
Have a look below at the slideshow to see Jason and Nichole's maternity session/newborn session.


Avery said...

OMG, LOVE. What a face. My fave is the birthday suit one. So happy I found your blog. I never knew photography could interest me so much. You have such a way with words and your images tell such a story. I just love it. I signed myself up on here to be a 'follower'. Looking forward to your next post!

Lauren Markowski said...


Anonymous said...

She is adorable! I love the to-to.Ya just don't get those kind of pic's upstate, they are all mud, dirt, boys! I so love to see your photo sessions, they get better and better! And to the new parents, Congradualations, you did a great job! Love ya all, Chrissie