Saturday, June 12, 2010

Join me on Facebook and enter to win a FREE photo session & album!

The basis of the give-away is to spread the word about our new Facebook Fan Page. This contest is open to all Facebook Fans, even "out of state" contestants! 

Grand prize*

A complimentary two hour photo session ($100 value)

Custom photo album book of your favorite images - 50 pages, 8x5.5 ($350 value)

*if the grand prize winner happens to be out of state, they will receive the second prize and the first friend of their's that commented, added their name and that lives in NY will win the grand prize!

Second Prize:

Custom beach tote or pendant with one of your own favorite images on it ($150 value)

This is just one of the many styles of pendants you can choose from!

  • Please help promote our Facebook Fanpage by suggesting us to your Facebook friends and letting them know about this contest.

  • Then leave a comment on the Fanbook page, telling us just how many friends you suggested us to, and the last name of the person that told you about the contest. Because if you win, they win as well! So the more people that you tell, that enter (and write your name), the more chances you have to win. Pretty cool, right? If you do not have a friend that suggested it to you and you are starting the chain, then the first person that accepts your invitation will be awarded the second prize if you should win.

  • Besides asking your friends, we would also love for you to post a link to the give away on your Facebook page/wall (and provide us with a link in your comment). Your post can say something like "I entered to win a custom portraiture session at Show and Tell Photography and you can too. Contestants out of state can win as well"!

So, to sum it all up. The comment you leave on the Facebook Fanpage should look something like this:

I would love to win a free photo session album, beach tote or pendant from Show and Tell Photography. I invited 42 friends and "Smith" (last name of your friend) suggested this fanpage to me. Here is the link (insert link) to my wall where I posted the contest.

The winner will be chosen at random. A website will generate the winning number. So, if you are the 51st comment and number 51 gets chosen, you win! The contest winners will be picked once Show and Tell reaches 500 fans or August 5th, whichever comes first!

I think that about cover's it. Now get to work! Thanks so much for helping spread the word. Best of luck!


For those of you that know me - you know that I looove to give away extra goodies.  So, be in it to win it as they say...because there may be some more random prizes given out as well. 

Other details:
The photography session will take place on Long Island. The contest is for the immediate children of the family or a couple only. This session does not include an entire family session. No minimum purchase necessary, no exchange for cash value. A comment, friend request and a post to your wall is required to be eligible for the contest.

***Click on the sentence below to leave your comment and enter to win:
Bring me to where I need to be to win!


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! I love that first pic! Very artsy! The reflection in the car is aMaZiNg!!!! They look so in love!!!! She is stunning! Beautiful couple! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Heading over to enter now, yay!