Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Bells - I Heart Faces Contest Entry

"Growing up sucks. Not all kisses are magic, and most boys do not live up to your expectations, but there are those times when everything, I, romance, relationships, it all falls together perfectly and it's incredible."

There is something to me, that is so intimate about this image. It's as if they're in their own little world. Yet, they are surrounded by a crowd. Not a care in the world, just living for the moment.

If you want to see more 'wedding bell' images - head on over to the blog, "I Heart Faces". Each week they feature a new theme and photo contest. Special guest's vote on their favorite image from all the entries.

This week, the infamous J* is on hand, viewing all of the wonderful entries. I'm sure she is going to be overloaded with some amazing stuff. If you haven't been over to Jasmine Star's (J*), don't walk! Not only is her wedding images fun and fresh, her branding is just magical. Don't know how the girl does it, cause no joke, blogging is a full time some how she does it all. Head over to both web site's to be inspired!

If you would like to see more images from this wedding - just scroll down a bit!


OctoberRain said...

They do look like they are in their own little world :) Very nice shot, its beautiful :)

*Thanks for the comment on my photo!

EL at Through My Own Lens said... the angle!

kbreints said...

This is such an intimate moment... it does look like that are in their own little bubble... Very sweet!

Brad said...

Great moment!

Angela said...

I love the angle you took on this . . . and the moment! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Your picture is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You have such an eye for the dramatic! I love them! You are amazing!!!! Love ya Amy