Friday, June 12, 2009

'Moonlight in Vermont', errr New York ; )

I remember when I got married, I had hired a photographer that was a 'poser'. He was fantastic, don't get me wrong. But he posed us...the entire night!

Now, posed pictures you need. It documents the event. But when you're in the moment, it tends to be a bit distracting. "Look up, place your hand here, look at each other." You get the idea. Sometimes 'posed' looks nothing but un-natural. Sometimes they rock though.

When I received my pictures back from my photog I was delighted. I loved the outcome. But something strange happened over the next couple of months. I began to re-visit more and more the pictures our guests had taken. They were magic to me. Filled with emotion. Were they 'picture perfect'? No. Did they tell the story? YES! Some images were blurry, some with horrible composition, the exposure none existent, and still in my eyes, they were perfect. They were real. They were raw. They were all the moments leading up to the event. The moment's that people usually don't witness when in the second. The layer's of secret's that each image captured was amazing. The background. The shared smiles between guests. The look in people's eyes. The excitement of the moment. It was real.

Recently my family had the honor of attending a wedding of a good friend of the family. It was on a yacht which traveled the gorgeous Hudson River. It was something right out of a novel. While on the boat I was taking snapshots here and there and ran into the bride in the captain's room. Elegant, refined, Audrey Hepburn-esque, old hollywood glamour looking. STUNNING!Upon pleasantries she had mentioned the fact that she was tired of posing for the photographer. She had mostly wanted candid's. So I let him do the dirty work and I had a ball catching the candid's.

The wedding had a very vintage feel. Intimate, romantic. Simplicity at it's best. The bride and groom in love, sharing their first few moments as husband and wife, with their privileged guests to witness. Pure bliss.

The images below are a sneak peek behind the scenes. The experience, the journey, their beginning. I took a very photojournalist approach to these. You'll find when viewing, the longer you look at the image, sometimes the more you will find. The layers perhaps are better then the defined moment. Sometimes it's the surrounding moments that you were so unaware of that become the most beautiful.

I found these images amusing and heartfelt. Some images work, other's don't. Some are candid, some are posed. But they all have one thing in common, they tell their story.

And so it goes...their story, their moments, their life.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Lynch.

Love...isn't it grand?
If you have time and want to see more, check out the slideshow on the website under "Client Viewing"!

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Anonymous said...

Stacey! These pictures took my breathe away. Here I am sitting on the couch and crying at 9am. The wedding photographer took some good pictures but none of them brought me back into the moment and the feeling of my wedding like yours did. I can feel the conversations and I can feel the love and that's what I wanted to remember from that day...not how many family members I can get in one shot. Thank you. We appreciate you so much for all the time and care you put into these pictures. The website is beautiful by the way. I'll be busy telling everyone I know about it today.